How It Works

Beacon helps you create eBooks and other lead generation materials in 4 simple steps.

Add Your Content

eBooks can be a pretty big undertaking. Beacon helps you to recycle content that you already have, as well as making it easy to add new content.

illustration of WordPress and Hubspot content being converted to an eBook.
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Import blog posts from Hubspot and have them automatically styled in the eBook format.

WordPress Logo

Use the WordPress plugin to automatically combine multiple blog posts into an eBook.

Add New Pages

Expand on your imported content by adding as many new pages and sections as you need.

Customize The Design

You can get started in seconds with one of our beautiful templates but don't worry - they're all easy to customize so you don't need to be a designer to produce something beautiful.

Ilustration of a marketer's desk

Free Stock Images

Choose from hundreds of free stock photos and illustrations to help bring your content to life.

Brand Styles

Quickly create reusable color schemes and font settings that match your brand identity.

Design Best Practice

Quickly experiment with recommended color and font combinations to speed up your workflow.

Publish Everywhere

Beacon eBooks are made to be shared. Whether it's with a simple PDF or a mobile friendly web book, we'll make sure your content gets in front of as many people as possible.

illustration of WordPress and Hubspot content being converted to an eBook.

Downloadable PDF

Use the PDF as a lead magnet, a printable resource or an email attachment.

Online Web Book

The web version of your eBook is optimised for mobile devices and is multimedia friendly too.

Social Sharing

Instantly share your book to help your content reach people from outside your network.

Measure Results

You've made the eBook and shared it with everyone you can. Now it's time to see if all your hard work paid off.

Chart showing analytics of a marketing eBook

Content Analytics

Measure what content keeps readers engaged with our page-by-page analytics.

Call To Action Pages

Point readers in the right direction with a conversion optimized call to action page.

Live Adjustments

Adjust your content and eBook format depending on what readers are responding to.

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