Smart PDFs

Traditional PDFs weren't made for the mobile world. So we made them smarter.


Subscriber Focused

Since you only need to set up your template design once there is less change of variations between future lead magnets.

Lead Nurturing

When you set up a template once you can just reuse it whenever you need to without having to do all the customizations each time.

Screenshot of different devices displaying Smart PDFs

Mobile Optimization

Your content will be automatically optimized to suit every device.

Zero Setup

Create your lead magnet as normal, Beacon will take care of the rest.


Analyze the content that performs best within your lead magnet.

Social Sharing

Simple share tools help your content spread outside of your network.

Multimedia Friendly

All video and audio can be embedded and played directly within your lead magnet.

Ready To Make Your First Smart PDF?

Beacon is completely free to use, just create an account and start making your own Smart PDFs.

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