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Our customers have higher conversion rates and generate more leads.

Photo of Heather Townsend

"When we use Beacon to create lead magnets, our conversion rates increase by as much as 300%"

Heather Townsend

Photo of Jim from Bayrock Financial

"I was in the process of manually building my own resource library but this has saved me about 40 hours of work."

Jim, Bayrock Financial

Photo of Josip, Founder of Dublin Diary

"I used Beacon's Content Upgrade feature to generate more than 700 leads in 2 weeks. My opt-in form had a conversion rate of over 25%!"

Founder, Dublin Diary

Photo of Jeni from Fuzzy and Birch

"Being able to use posts as my lead magnet saves me all the time of re-writing and packaging everything (I hate that part)! But the design part is actually where I'm saving HOURS. Not having to create a template (while fun for me) is a huge time suck."

Jenni, Founder - Fuzzy & Birch

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Photo of Crisha Sarah Bowen

"I absolutely love the functionality of Beacon. As an online entrepreneur the templates make it easy for me to have professional quality products for my leads. The support team is incredible and instead of trying to DIY it with Microsoft Word or Pages for Mac, Beacon has simplified the process!"

Crisha Sarah Bowen, Founder - The Purpose Diaries

Photo of Hannah Eisenberg, CEO 3P Creative Group

"We use Beacon for top-of-the-funnel eBooks and guides wherever possible. Since it is easy to use, we can create an eBook within hours, instead of days - significantly cutting down the time and money spent on developing premium content."

Hannah Eisenberg
CEO, 3P Creative Group

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Photo of Natasha, Founder of Mommy Knows Best

"I combined Beacon's Smart PDF with Facebook Lead Ads to generate 900 leads in 10 days. Our cost per lead was less that 17¢"

Founder, Mommy Knows Best

Photo of Denis Oakley

"Beacon makes it really easy to produce lead magnets at a high quality. It's faster to use Beacon than to use an agency."

Denis Oakley

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Photo of Josip, Founder of Dublin Diary

"We generated 194 highly qualified leads with Beacon."

Alece Ronzino
Founder, Rest Easy Nashville

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picture of brian moran

"Beacon is the perfect shortcut to finally launching your first digital product. A simple tool, beautiful designs, and great support. Doesn't get better than that."

Brian Moran
Founder, Samcart

Photo of Emil Kristensen, CMO Sleeknote

"We use Beacon weekly for lead magnets. You guys really save us 2-3 hours every week - that's 60-70 hours a year!"

Emil Kristensen
CMO, Sleeknote

Photo of Jewell Siebert

"Before Beacon, it would have taken me hours to create a lead magnet, and let me tell you - it wouldn't have looked half as good."

Jewell Siebert

Photo of Adam from Business Actualization

"I was totally blown away at how quick and easy it was to create something that was really beautiful."

Adam Kushner
Founder, Business Actualization

Photo of Jose Ramos

"I use Beacon because it takes care of all the design work. That way, I can focus my attention on creating remarkable content."

Jose Ramos

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Photo of Judy Rees

"I generated 130 leads in a single morning with Beacon."

Judy Rees

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Photo of Cody Libolt

"Beacon lets me get past the challenges of design and technology and move right to the good part: building a business."

Cody Libolt

Photo of Ailish Irvine

"I followed your tutorial yesterday to create a resource guide. So far, 3 people have asked me what graphic designer I used to help create it. Congrats on how far Beacon has come, I love every new feature."

Ailish Irvine,
Irvine Training

Photo of Erwin Zagala

"I love how Beacon allows me to make changes to my lead magnets on the fly. Also, it makes my team more agile because changes are reflected in real time. Fantastic time saver because I don't rely as much on my graphic designer and web development team."

Erwin Zagala
Course Creator, Legal Guide Philippines

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