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Build A Powerful Resource Library For WordPress

A library of gated content for your WordPress site without any technical setup.

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This resource library was made with Beacon

All In One Solution

Build and manage your resource library from a single place instead of combining multiple tools.

Works With WordPress

Embed the library directly inside your WordPress site for a seamless visitor experience.

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40 Hours Saved

"I was in the process of manually building my own resource library but this has saved me about 40 hours of work."

Jim, Bayrock Financial

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A Single Place For All Your Marketing Resources

If you're like most businesses then your marketing resources are scattered everywhere.

Some are on your website, others are buried in your blog, and I bet there's more than a few on GDrive.

The truth is, if customers can't find your best resources then they may as well not exist.

A Resource Library gives you the opportunity to tell customers "here's our best resources, just pick what you need."

But trying to build your own Resource Library is a pain - creating a separate landing page for each resource? Time consuming. Setting up a custom library search? Impossible.

Beacon simplifies everything.

Better For You

Manage every part of your library from one place so you don't have to worry about parts of your funnel breaking.

Automatic thumbnails

Set your own filters

Connect to your email tool

Better For Customers

Provide a friction free experience for your customers so they can quickly get the resources they need.

Full library search

Browse via the filters you set up

Optimised for mobile

How Does It Work?

You could have your resource library up and running in as little as 20 minutes.


Add Your Resources

Upload your files or connect your GDrive account.


Choose A Template

Choose from a range of professionally designed templates.


Customize To Suit

Change the template to match your site colors, images and fonts.



Embed the library directly inside one of your WordPress pages.

Powerful Features Come As Standard

Beacon handles all the most time consuming and technically challenging parts of building a resource library so you don't have to.

Dynamic Filters

Organise resources in a way that makes sense for your audience.

Instant Search

Your library will be fully searchable so visitors can find what they need quickly.

Multimedia File Support


Mobile Optimisation

Automatic Thumbnails

Automatic Opt-In Forms

You don't have to create a separate opt-in form for every resource becuase Beacon does that for you.

Resource Delivery

When someone opts-in for a resource we will deliver it to them. You can even use your own email address if you want.

Smart Subscribers

Don't make people complete your opt-in form if they've already given their details. Just let them download the resource!

Lead Segmentation

Don't just throw all your leads in the same bucket. Tag individuals in your ESP based on the resource they downloaded so you can add them to the appropriate nurture sequence.

Resource Analytics

See who downloads each resource and learn which resources are performing best. Make updates to improve conversion rates and resource visibility.

Ready To Get More Leads From Old Resources?

Upload your resources and instantly create a one-stop-shop for your website visitors to find what they need.

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